Our Naturally Sweet Pepsi Next Picnic + {Giveaway}

Last Sunday was gearing up to be a hot one. With little relief from the heat at our house, we decided to escape to the great outdoors and explore a local park that we hadn’t visited before. This was likely our last outing as a family of three, as our newest addition is due very soon.

Being heavily pregnant and having gestational diabetes, I need to be very careful of my sugar intake. I avoid artificial sweeteners as much as I can. Not only do they taste horrible, I worry about putting them into my body, especially now I am growing a baby.

An opportunity to try naturally sweetened Pepsi Next seemed to come at just the right time. It was a nice treat on a stinking hot day to have a cold soft drink that I knew wasn’t going to send my blood sugars sky rocketing and didn’t contain any nasty artificial sweeteners. I packed our new picnic basket with morning tea, refreshments and loaded up the car ready for a morning of family fun.


Pepsi Next has 30% less sugar than regular cola drinks. What’s great for me is that Pepsi Next has been able to do this naturally, thanks to using Stevia. Pepsi Next is the first Cola in Australia to use Stevia. (FAQ about Pepsi Next and Stevia).

Pepsi Next picnic
Looking swell
Pepsi Next
Mmm! Popped – Air Popped Snacks – 50% less fat! Dora loved these… actually we all did.
Pepsi Next
Balancing things out with some fruit

Pepsi Picnic

The taste of Pepsi Next isn’t sickly sweet. I found that it wasn’t overly carbonated either which meant no public burping from the pregnant lady! There was no bitter taste of phenylalanine which is a big plus. I drank half a can which kept my sugars on track.

Pepsi Next
A refreshing treat for me on a very hot day!

While soft drink is not something that we have in our fridge regularly, in future when I am purchasing it, I will be buying Pepsi Next instead of full sugar or artificially sweetened cola options.

It’s always fun chasing Dora around the park. She skipped the fancy new play equipment and headed straight to the big climbing web and rocks. Her dad got to scale the rocks to get her down. It was a lovely morning.


Dora exploring

As always, all opinions expressed are my own. I received a Pepsi Next pack to taste and review.

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Now it’s your turn ~


Thanks to Pepsi Australia, we have an opportunity to give our Australian readers the chance to win 8 cans of Pepsi Next so that they can experience the naturally sweet taste for themselves. To enter, complete the Rafflecopter form below. You must leave a blog post answering the question listed to be eligible to win the prize. You have a chance to earn more entries by tweeting daily via the Rafflecopter app. Good luck!
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  1. AmberB says

    I am changing my lifestyle to be healthier. Pepsi Next is perfect for me as it tastes delicious, but has less sugar than other colas.

  2. sapna says

    Considering the fact that Pepsi Next contains 30% less sugar than regular colas and tastes great at the same time – i am definitely going to try it . My son asks for soft drink these days and i always feel that its unfair to stop him from drinking soft drink . So now i can definitely buy Pepsi next for everyone in the family to try so that my son can also enjoy it as a treat on special occasions and does not feel left out.

  3. Michelle V says

    I would like to try it as we very rarely have soft drinks of any kind in our household. It would make for a great excuse to have our own picnic; I’m sure my kids would love a surprise like that!

  4. says

    I am soooo curious to know what it tastes like. We try to minimise sugar in our house and try our best to make healthy-ish choices with our food and drink. I already use a natural sweetener alternative to sugar in baking, and it’s fantastic that something like this is now available as a soft drink option.
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  5. Kim says

    I love Pepsi Max and I haven’t tried Pepsi Next, though I like the idea of a more natural sugar alternative.

  6. Amanda Gorton says

    If there is one easy change I can make to improving my health – its swapping to Pepsi Next from regular soft drinks.
    I have been too sceptical of the taste difference but having read the review I think I have been persuaded.

  7. Becc says

    I am usually a Coke fan but recently started drinking Pepsi Max- would love to know what Pepsi Next tastes like. If it’s as good as everyone is saying then I will love it. Will also be nice to have a can of softdrink and not feel guilty about it

  8. mellie jane says

    I’m not usually a big fan of sodas but i have seen this new pepsi around and i must say i am intrigued would love to give it a go.

  9. Nikita says

    This family lives off of Pepsi Max literally! It would be good to mix it up and try and wean off the sugary stuff and get some goodness back into them!

  10. Nicole Z says

    I’ll have to track down some Pepsi Next to give it a try. I’ve slipped back into old habits of drinking way too much soft drink and this seems like it would be a good way to give myself the treat of a soft drink while avoiding all that dreaded sugar!

  11. Rebekah Ballingall says

    I would love to take the label off the can and see if my husband can tell the difference between pepsi next and coke

  12. Mrs B says

    To satisfy my sweet teeth and be social at the same time, but to know I am drinking a healthier soft drink

  13. Sonya says

    I’m a Type 1 diabetic, so sugary soft drinks aren’t any good for me! I love Pepsi (don’t like the ‘C’ variety of cola drinks at all) and am keen to try this Next one!

  14. Nic says

    I LOVE Pepsi, can’t wait to try this one. I love mixing half Pepsi, half apple juice… you’ve got to try it, it’s delicious!

  15. Tania Carling says

    When the kids want a treat,
    Naturally sweet is hard to beat
    Pepsi Next they would like to test.

  16. Katrina Corbett says

    Having a child with ADHD, soft drinks are a no go. I would like to try this for a special occasion treat.