Need a Pick-Me-Up? Try Hairy Lemon! – Review and Giveaway

At this time of year in our home, it seems like someone is under the weather every other week. For parents, this usually means broken sleep as we tend to our sick kids, even if we’re not well ourselves. Finding the energy to complete the daily household chores or making it through a day at work can be difficult when your batteries are running low. Wouldn’t it be great if you could harness some extra energy and stamina during these tiring days? Recover with Hairy Lemon!

Ready to hang out the washing with my Hairy Lemon shades on!
Ready to hang out the washing with my Hairy Lemon shades on!

A big night out for me these days ends well before some start. It is always nice to enjoy a night out with the girls, or a date night with the hubby. For me though, a few glasses of wine can equal an unpleasant effect the next morning. A sleep in could assist, but the pitter-patter of little feet begin well before my body is ready to face the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a faster way to recover and get some extra fuel in the tank on mornings like this? Hairy Lemon to the rescue!


What’s in it?

Hairy Lemon is an ideal formulation for those who feel tired due to a hectic lifestyle. It helps to optimise energy levels, has a strong recovery action and may also be of assistance in aiding concentration.

It contains several key ingredients such as B‐group vitamins and Vitamin C, plus Guarana, Ginseng and Biotin to quickly help soothe the nervous system and increase energy.

I found the flavour pleasant. Drinking Hairy Lemon not only gave me more of a bounce in my step but rehydrated me too. I recommend giving these a go when you’re feeling low on energy. You’ll really notice the effects of the B-Vitamins and other energy lifting ingredients. (For a detailed list of ingredients see here –

Hairy Lemon Pick Me Up Recipe

1 Hairy Lemon tablet
1 glass water
Optional: Hairy Lemon sunglasses, lip-balm, earphones and your iPod.


* When you’re feeling low on energy, pop one Hairy Lemon tablet into a glass of water.
* While it fizzes and dissolves, grab your yellow Hairy Lemon sunnies and pop them on.
* Grab your lemony Hairy Lemon lip balm and whack some on your dry, dehydrated lips.
* Find a sunny spot to sit, grab your glass,  iPod and funky hairy Lemon earphones and turn on some relaxing tunes.
* Sip on the refreshing lemony goodness that is Hairy Lemon.
* Allow the energy levels to replenish and enjoy your day!

** DISCLAIMER: Parents of toddlers may find opportunities to sit in the sun whilst listening to relaxing tunes limited. If so, quickly consume your Hairy Lemon before you hear screams of “More pancakes please Mum/Dad?”

Hairy Lemon Prize Pack Giveaway

We have two fantastic Hairy Lemon Energy Packs to give away!

Each pack includes:
2 boxes of 20 Hairy Lemon effervescent tablets along with the following recovery essentials: sunnies, headphones, lip balm and bottled water. Valued at $50.

To enter:
* You must like both the Hairy Lemon and Melting Moments Facebook Pages for a valid entry (this will be checked).
* You can earn 8 more entries once you’ve completed the first two.
* You can also come back daily to earn more entries.
* Australian residents only.

Good luck!!

Hairy Lemon_Recovery Pack

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(Always read the label and use only as directed ~ Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet).

I received a Hairy Lemon pack to review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. says

    With a little more energy and a clearer head,i could think and plan ahead,more time for kids,dad and dogs more time for me to do my jobs.yes i think a little more energy in my day would come up lemons i have to say.

  2. Jennifer B. says

    An hour to shower and get dressed? With a little more energy, I could race through that in half the time!

  3. Diana O says

    A bit of loving for my man because I’d still be full of energy at night time (with any luck!!).

  4. Di says

    Everything! I’m a girl on a mission, trying to do it all and more at the same time! Extra energy would be like an energizer bunny boost ;)

  5. christine morris says

    My Energy levels are quite low at the moment, very stressful time, i would love to try some Hairy Lemon and hope it will pick me up some., Thanks for the chance

  6. kerry santillo says

    Achieving the pick me up at 3 oclock when things seem to pace up but my body wont catch up!!

  7. Wendy_c says

    With a little more energy I could that hug mountain of ironing that I cant really be bothered to do

  8. Jessie Hay says

    I need to do my spring cleaning, and having had a baby 3 months ago my house is really in need of it as I haven’t had the time to clean properly for a while!

  9. AmberB says

    More energy during the day … sounds like heaven. I would love to be able to get the housework done quicker so that I can relax more in the evenings :)

  10. Melissa Jones says

    After a cup of Hairy Lemon, I could finish my housework asap and spend more time to company with my little one.

  11. S Armstrong says

    I might actually get time to finish that long list of to do jobs that keeps on growing

  12. says

    i could prob do a whole lot more in the day if i had a little pick me up, as i am always running after the house after my two puppies getting things out of their mouth their not suppose to have.

  13. Amanda Gorton says

    With more energy I’d be happier and calmer, it’s when I’m tired and lethargic the grumpiness in me appears!

  14. Lynsey S says

    I think the correct question would be – what COULDN’T I achieve!?!

    With 2 energetic littlies I often run out of steam by mid-morning.
    Hairy Lemon could give me the boost I need to wash my walls, clean my windows, and complete all the other little jobs that keep getting shoved to the bottom of the list.

  15. says

    Bring it on!! Last week I struggled to get out of bed every day! Not good when there are still 5 weeks of Term to go before holidays. The tiredness usually doesn’t hit me until week 9!
    You must read what Marleisa recently posted…Hump WeekMy Profile

  16. says

    Great review! It’s always a struggle when you got kids to do anything really isn’t it. When you have time to sit and do nothing thats what you want to be doing.
    I love those glasses on you too. Thanks for linking up to What’s Up Wednesday #WUW
    You must read what Salz recently posted…Glorified babysitters or PedagogyMy Profile

  17. Katrina Corbett says

    With this I could go back to living a normal life, this whole winter I have been sick and run down! Bring on summer!