Weekly Wrap Up – Watch This Space

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I must confess, I love a nerdy pursuit. I am also a bit of a tight ar$e… So rather than forking out the money to have someone design and fix the blog, I teach myself. This comes with many failings and lessons learned but I love it. Nutting out an issue and finally solving it, […]

Wordless Wednesday – Melting Moments

Wordles Wednesday - Melting Moments

One and a half hours of rainy day fun. Sandwich sized container with lid. Small bits and bobs. Glitter stars. Freeze overnight. Use syringes and small cups to squirt and pour water over it to aid the melting process. One and a half hours!!       Joining in the Wordless Wednesday shenanigans with these […]

Safe Spot Stickers – Saving Lives and Reducing Stress for Parents {Review and Giveaway}

Safe Spot

Winter has not been kind to our little family. Recently, we were all hit with a horrible flu and bronchitis. My poor girls had it quite badly. We’d been to the doctor the previous day but Moo’s cough had worsened and she was now wheezing. Flustered and with my two sick darlings, I headed back […]

Weekly Wrap Up – Little Airport App

Tiny-Airport App | Melting Moments

Jet  off  on  holiday  –  with  the  interactive  Tiny  Airport  –  Toddler’s  Seek  &  Find  Activity  Book  by  wonderkind We love the Woderkind apps. The Seek and Find apps are ones that Dora always comes back to. There are so many details to explore in each. Tiny Airport is their latest release. While there’s so […]